Randy PortraitI suppose you could say I’ve been an “amateur photographer” all of my adult life. But most of my pictures were simply point-and-shoot shots without any real understanding of photography. Yes, I was a “photographer” for my college yearbook but I never took a photography or art class and never really knew anything other than how to process a B&W photo in the darkroom.

After finishing graduate school I spent the next 40 years teaching Educational Psychology.  I studied and taught the teaching-learning process, especially motivation, to teachers and enjoyed every minute helping others to learn, especially students who sometime struggled.  Now in retirement I’m working (I almost said struggling) to learn to be a serious amateur photographer.  I hope to use my passion about teaching and motivation to bring others along with me on my journey.

If you are interested in joining me on this journey come on along, there will be no tuition although I may give you some homework.

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