Grand Teton National Park Gallery

Grand Teton National Park is in western Wyoming just south of Yellowstone NP.  I recognize that I have a bias since I live about 10 miles away “as the bird flies” but I find GTNP to be one of our more photogenic national park with many places for great photos.  Grand Teton NP has a number of iconic places for photographers (photographs you have probably seen online or in magazines) and also some places that those of us who live here enjoy, particularly in certain seasons.  This gallery will introduce you to those beautiful locations in GTNP.

My GTNP gallery is organized in a way that might help you take some beautiful photos if you visit, or just give you a good understanding of the layout of our national park.  My goal is to share my love of the Grand Teton National Park with you through a virtual photography tour.  Each of the photos will have a sentence or two to explain where the photo was taken and other issues, like the history of the location.  I hope my photos will help you recognize the beauty of the landscape and maybe even “cleanse your soul” like these landscapes have done for me. Enjoy and let me know your reaction to these photos.  And if you’d like to stick with me, subscribe to my blog.  

To open up a photo simply click on the photo and the webpage will show you an enlarged version.  I’ve included park signs to help you know where you are “going” 🙂  

I hope you have enjoyed a piece of my Grand Teton NP collection.  I’ll make monthly changes and add more photos as we move thru our adventure in learning photography.  Please feel free to send me comments about these photos (Contact Randy) and my blog.