Natural Frames

Using Natural Framing in photography is a way to add to the composition of the photograph by focusing the attention of the viewer on a specific aspect of the photograph.  I suppose you could say it is “obvious lines” that draw the viewer into the photo.


From Digital Photography School:

“Tips for using Natural Framing to Improve your Composition” is written by Anthony Epes and does a great job of explaining  how to use this for composition: Natural framing is when you use an element within your image to frame the subject. This draws the eye into the photo and highlights the actual subject.”  This article is a very good place to start.

“How to Use Framing for More Effective Composition” by Jeremy Schatz

From Photography Life:

Framing Subjects with Natural Elements” is written by a photographer who does primarily weddings and portraits but Lola Elise has some very good suggestions on how to use nature and doorways, windows, arches, etc.