Randy’s Photo Album

Living just over the “hill” from Grand Teton National Park and just “down the road ” (a few hours) from Yellowstone National Park has had a huge impact on my photography; my natural environment is quite photogenic for landscape and wildlife photography.  I don’t have to go on vacation to see natural beauty and I must admit that it makes it easier to adopt a “routine” of getting up early to take photos of beautiful sunrises even though getting up early in the summer means 4:00 am.

But I love it and recognize how much easier it is for me to put myself in an absolutely gorgeous environment for sunrise and sunset compared to the 37 years I spent in South Bend, IN.  I enjoyed my years in South Bend but I recognize that getting into a “photo routine” in a city can be much more difficult that living next door to a National Park if you are interested in landscape or wildlife photography.  I have great respect for my photography friends in South Bend who take some great photos.