Teton Valley Idaho Gallery

Grand Teton National Park is on the boarder of western Wyoming.  Across the Teton Mountains is Teton Valley Idaho which is labeled as the “quiet side of the mountains.”  It is where I live and where most of the tourists never visit … at the risk of sounding nasty we are glad that is the case.  But the beauty of the mountains is right in our back yard and we enjoy the quiet beauty.  If you would like to view larger copies of the images, simply click on one and it will be enlarged.  Click on the arrow to the right of the large image and it will move along with the next photo.

After living in Teton Valley ID and traveling to Grand Teton National Park for most (OK, almost all) my photographs, I am now trying to learn more about the photogenic places in Teton Valley Idaho where I live.  There aren’t the “iconic locations” but there are plenty of sunrises and sunsets that light-up a beautiful environment.